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The National JPIC Commission has reviewed the issues of concern to the other branches of the Franciscan family (e.g. the OFM JPIC office; Franciscans International (FI); Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land; the Francophone Franciscan Family of Canada’s Service intercommunautaire d’animation franciscaine (SIAF). In addition, concerns of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP); The Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA); and the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC) were considered. Since their discernment involved reading the signs of the times it is no surprise that there is much convergence of concern.

As a result, and because it is impossible to address every issue that arises, the primary priorities it is adopted the National Fraternity should focus on are:
  1. Extreme poverty and the excluded
  2. The ethical use of resources: especially water, mining and fair trade
  3. Food: security and sovereignty
  4. Human Trafficking and Contemporary Forms of Slavery
  5. Care of Creation: particularly one or more of the following: Pollution; Climate Change; the Alberta Oil Sands and/or Hydraulic fracturing
  6. Peace, conflict resolution and active non-violence
  7. Treatment of Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Migrants
  8. Solidarity with, and support for, Christians in countries threatened by hostile cultures
  9. Current issues regarding Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
  10. Other topics at the discretion of the fraternities.
The process for dealing with these issues is to take information, together with Catholic Social Doctrine/Teaching and Franciscan Tradition and spirituality, as the basis for continuing formation which must then lead to action. “See, judge, act” (to which we add “evaluate and celebrate”), is the Catholic Action model favoured by many Catholic organisations including the OFM JPIC Office.

Local Fraternities are asked to consider this plan and these issues at a General Meeting. The fraternities are asked to decide which issue(s) their Fraternity will address to the extent that they are able and to select (elect or appoint) a JPIC Councillor to promote and animate JPIC in their Fraternity. Once the issues have been selected by a Fraternity, reference to the appendices of the JPIC Action Plan prepared by the relevant French or English Sector JPIC Sub-Commission will indicate resources for formation and action.
Advocacy is a major tool of JPIC action. Promotion and advocacy of values of Franciscan spirituality highlighted in the JPIC issues above can be effectively achieved through the medium of Franciscan Voice Canada (FVC).

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