Young Adults & YOUFRA

“Gospel living as modeled by St. Francis of Assisi”
Is God Calling You to Journey with St. Francis?

Young Adults seeking to deepen their relationship with God, are drawn to St. Francis’ way of living and desire to live a simpler life in the service of a community, may be interested in looking into the Secular Franciscan Order. The basic unit of the Order is the fraternity, people of all walks of life and ages who devote themselves to monthly meetings, daily prayer, simple living, and serving in the community. If there is a fraternity nearby, interested persons may contact the parish where the meetings are held and request the contact information of the fraternity Minister. Those more seriously interested, once requesting admittance, will go through a period of formation/study which lasts about three years, after which persons may be professed. Profession into the Secular Franciscan Order is for a lifetime.

YouFra, or Franciscan Youth, is fraternity living for young people aged 18-35, who are attracted by the life of St Francis of Assisi and who seek to deepen their life with God, their understanding of self, of others and the exceptional beauty of creation with others of their generation. YouFra has existed for more than 40 years in other countries (Italy, Spain, Latin America). Members of YouFra deepen their own vocation or calling in the light of the message of St. Francis by regular meetings where spiritual guidance is given progressively. Discerning God’s call or vocation for your life is the purpose of this journey.

For more detailed information see at the bottom of this page. A list of Youth Contacts from Secular Franciscan Fraternities in your geographical area is also available under YOUFRA RESOURCES (Bottom of this page)

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