National Formation Objectives


General Objective
To respond to the call of Christ in the manner and spirit of St. Francis (Rule, Article 1)
Final Objective # 1
To discern the call
Final Objective # 2
To live the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
Final Objective # 3
To acknowledge the importance of St Francis and St Clare in the life of the Church
Final Objective # 4
To incarnate the elements of Franciscan charism


Initial Formation Program of the OFS of Canada

In August 2009, we received from CIOFS Presidency, the French version of the FORMATION MANUAL for the formators of the Initial Formation. At our first meeting, we, of the workgroup, quickly realized the need to adapt said Manual to our local needs.

At first, each one of us went through all the sections of the MANUAL. Then, we decided to point out the evident and less evident links to the Word of God and to each of the Articles of our Rules (Life Project) and our Constitutions. We hereby present to you the fruits of our labour.

You will realize that this Initial Formation Program spans over a minimum of 18 months without counting the 6 months required to attend the monthly meetings of the local Fraternity. It is then up to the local Council to invite the candidate to start his initial formation. The latter will then freely decide to ask for this formation.

I now want to thank sincerely the members of the workgroup: Lise Bélec, Brother Henri Éthier, ofm, Fiore Francescocci, Gisèle Larose, Léona LeClair, and Françoise Malboeuf for their full support and their fraternal collaboration. Thanks also to Madeleine Chaillé-St-Amant and her team; to Richard Casavant, to Richard Chamberland and his wife Micheline for having accepted to peruse over a section of the Manual.

I would like to thank also all those who, one way or another, have worked on this project. May the Lord show them his Face and give his Peace. Shalom!

Fraternally yours, Micheline J. Larocque, ofs Director of Formation National Fraternity of Canada

In the formation of both the novices and professed members, the following objectives are to be used as a guide. The Secular Franciscan will:
  • be familiar with the life and spirituality of St. Francis and St. Clare and the Franciscan Family.
  • know and understand the rule so that it becomes a guide for the Franciscan way of life.
  • understand what it means to be committed to this way of life and the necessity of ongoing conversion.
  • become an active member of the Secular Franciscan Order.
  • develop a spirit of fraternity by getting to know the other members, have mutual love and respect for each of them and be committed to the care and service of each.
  • be introduced to using the Word of God as a basis for prayer.
  • foster an interior life which accords itself with the Franciscan call.
  • carry out the Franciscan mission in the world by engaging in activities which promote justice, creation and the poor.
  • integrate into his/her spiritual life the secular dimensions of the Franciscan calling, particularly in regards to the family and to work.
  • become an active member of the Church community.

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